Yukon Gold
High Def

In Production

49 episodes - 60 Minutes

Plot Summary

Yukon Gold is a high-stakes series that captures the physical and emotional struggles four sets of gold miners face as they chase a big payday over the 16-week mining period in Canada’s wild Yukon.

Fighting an impossibly short mining season and putting their savings on the line, the miners work tirelessly to dig the precious ore out of the ground. The crews battle mechanical breakdowns, the elements and 18-hour days under the midnight sun – all because of gold fever – and it keeps them coming back year after year for another chance to wager it all.

Season 5 of Yukon Gold continues the adventures of gutsy miners battling every obstacle that stands in their way – weather, breakdowns, crew, their own physical and mental endurance – all in the quest for gold. Big Al McGregor returns to Indian River, feeling stronger as he continues his recovery from cancer, and more determined than ever to make his mine a success. Mining family Nika Guilbault and Chris St. Jean are back on Stowe Creek with their 3-year-old daughter Zyla and young twins Hunter and Nevada.

Joining Season 5 are new characters and childhood friends Paul ‘PJ’ Joseph and Andy Tai: mining partners, but polar opposites. PJ is a tough outdoorsman and equipment operator, while Andy is a semi-professional poker player and venture capitalist from the city. If PJ and Andy don’t make a profit this season they can’t afford to come back next year. Also joining this season are prospectors Ed Long and Riley Gibson who are turning a lifelong dream into a reality — setting up a mine for the first time on Rabbit Creek, high up in the Ruby Mountain Range, in the traditional territory of Ed’s people, the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations.

Additional Notes

Season Breakdown: S1: 10, S2: 10, S3: 10, S4: 11, S5: 8


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  • National Geographic Channel