Keeping Canada Safe
High Def

In Production

8 episodes - 30 Minutes

Plot Summary

Few things matter more to us than the safety of our families, our communities, and our country.

And now more than ever, whether we live in an urban centre under the pressure of increased security threats, or a remote community at the mercy of the elements, we are acutely aware that we cannot take our safety for granted. But most of us know little about the people and the incredible activity that goes on behind the scenes to keep everyone in our vast nation safe. In September 2016 we dispatched 60 camera crews across the country to find out.

Over a single 48-hour period, we captured intimate and dramatic behind-the-scenes stories of the everyday heroes who keep our country secure – from first responders and professionals who do important work we’re often not aware of, to ordinary citizens driven to take action in the face of pressing needs.

The result is Keeping Canada Safe, a high-profile, four-part CBC docuseries based on a format from ITV, and a content-rich digital and social media campaign, designed to inspire a national conversation about what it means to be safe in this rapidly-changing world.


  • CBC